Spot and projection welding

Economical and efficient:

Projection Welding

Facts and benefits:

• Simple, efficient and cost-effective welding process for many applications

• Spot welding of flat components

• Projection or ring projection welding of embossed / preformed welding points on the components

• Low heating of components thanks to short welding times and water-cooled electrode holders and electrodes

• Processing / welding of individual parts (bulk material or from blisters) on top of each other or onto strips / punched grids

• Welding of nuts with welding projections

• Seal welding of pressure sensors with ring projections

Operator and service friendly:

Projection Welding

Facts and benefits:

• Flexible systems, e.g. with NC rotary tables or linear transfer systems with easily and quickly exchangeable workpiece carriers

• Automatic feeding and processing of all components

• Customized solutions from autonomous stations, semi- or fully-automatic systems to complete production lines including punching, bending, thread forming, QA and packaging

  • • Ideal for small, medium or large batch sizes

Customized and quality optimized:


Facts and benefits:

• Various types and sizes of welding units e.g. with servo or pneumatic welding heads depending on the application

• Modern welding current controls (e.g. Inverter, AC or DC etc.) incl. monitoring of welding parameters and automatic marking / rejection of defective parts

• Simple and cost-effective electrodes

• Autonomous welding stations - also for integration into third-party systems

Reliable and flexible:


Facts and benefits:

• Proven and operationally reliable components or systems

• Feasibility tests of new material combinations in our own welding laboratory