Weldomat was founded in 1993 as a management buy-out from the former H.A. Schlatter AG and took over all services, products and rights of the so-called contact welding equipment.

Subsequently, Weldomat GmbH has continuously optimized and further developed these contact welding machines as well as expanded the range of machines with new, modern and automated welding machines in order to further expand the excellent market position.

The company developed rapidly, but had to cope with setbacks in 2001 (attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, USA) and in 2008 and after (financial crisis and strong increase of the Swiss Franc), which moved Weldomat GmbH to enter new technologies and customer segments.

In addition to the original main activity of contact welding, new areas in welding and processing such as mechanical components, wires and strands or equipment for simple assembly and testing operations were established.

Since 2009, Weldomat GmbH has been working very closly with K&S Anlagenbau GmbH, Lengenwang, Germany, as a cooperation partner.

At the beginning of 2018, Weldomat GmbH, based in Lengenwang, Germany, was founded as an independent company.

Today, Weldomat GmbH serves more than 300 customers with over 900 welding and assembly components respectively systems in 46 countries worldwide.