Welding laboratory

Welding tests / feasibility studies

Because new materials or material combinations are constantly coming onto the market, which place ever higher demands on the joining processes, it is enormously important for us as a manufacturer of welding equipment and for you as our customer to test the weldability and the quality requirements for the welded joint in advance and thereby determine the suitable welding process.

In our modern welding laboratory at our location in Lengenwang, Germany, with various welding units, welding current controls and mechanical and electrical testing devices.

Among others, we have the following equipment:

  • • Pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic welding units
  • • Cam-controlled welding units
  • • Servomotor welding units
  • • Spot, projection and contact welding units
  • • One-sided or symmetrical closing welding guns
  • • Gap welding units
  • • Strand compacting units
  • • AC welding current control units (50 to 200 Hz)
  • • Inverter welding current controls (1 kHz, 4 kHz and 20 kHz)
  • • Various shear / train test units

Thanks to the cooperation with K&S Anlagenbau GmbH we also have the possibility to perform automated welding tests e.g. on the demonstration machines type KSTrak or KSMulti and to gain important knowledge about cycle times, handling, automation, QA etc.

We also offer you welding tests or feasibility studies as a service, whereby you are welcome to be present during the tests. Finally, we prepare a detailed test report and discuss it with you.