Special machines

In addition to our "classic welding machines", we also build customer- or product-specific welding machines with various joining processes that are customized and optimized to your products.

Below you will find a few examples of such special machines:

Robot welding machine:

Facts and benefits:

• Arc welding (MIG/MAG or TIG) with and without wire feed

• Including turning device for 3D welding

• Manual or automatic loading / unloading of components


Picture left:

• Welding of fittings / pipes

• 6-axis robot with TIG machine torch

• Easily adjustable steady rest or rotating rest depending on the length of the fittings / pipes

• With protection gas supply through the rotating device into the component


Mesh welding machine:

Facts and benefits:

• Portal design with wide component opening

• Spot welding with pneumatic or motorized welding gun

• Approach of welding positions manually or by servo drive

• Processing of round or flat wires

• Manual or automatic loading / unloading of components


Picture left:

• Welding together of prefabricated elements

• Manual approach / positioning of the welding gun across the mesh

• For mesh widths from 0.6 to 4 m

Welding stations for third-party equipment:

Facts and benefits:

• Autonomous welding stations for integration in third-party machines

• Including PLC machine control and corresponding interface


Picture left:

• Two independent welding units for welding cables with three wires onto connectors

• Integrated positioning and scanning of wires with different diameters on the connector

• Approach of the three welding positions by X/Y servo shift units

• Welding pressure and displacement measurement as well as WELDCHECKER (I, U, P and t)

• Integration into a fully automatic cable assembly line

Tapping machine:

Facts and benefits:

• Thread forming from M2.5 to M6

• Lead screw and nut in oil bath

• Tap breakage monitoring

• Minimum lubrication - precise and programmable

• Application as autonomous station (integration in third-party systems) as well as in turntable or conveyor systems


Picture left:

• Tapping machine with four stations for a contact production line

• NC strip feeder with up to 150 mm feed step

• Integrated strip cleaning station