Laser welding

Economical and efficient:

Facts and benefits:

• Spot or seam welding of almost all metallic materials

• Non-contact welding process without welding pressures

• Access to the welding point only necessary from one side

• Processing of different part geometries and materials

• Short, intensive but localized heating of the components


Operator and service friendly:

Facts and benefits:

• Customized solutions from autonomous, semi- or fully-automatic systems to complete production lines

• Ideal for small, medium or large batch sizes


Reliable and flexible:

Facts and benefits:

• Very fine and deep welds with high welding speeds

• Minimal distortion with a large depth-to-width ratio

• Easy and flexible integration e.g. in assembly lines

• Solutions with multiple laser optics possible

• Position sensing and control of laser points and seams by means of a vision system on the laser optics

• Use of filler materials (e.g. wires) possible depending on application

• Laser soldering applications or plastic welding possible

Customized and quality optimized:

Facts and benefits:

• Depending on the application and requirements, different laser types / sources such as pulsed lasers, disc lasers, diode lasers, fiber lasers or CO2 lasers are used

•High robustness, modular design and various power classes of the laser sources

• Use of special lasers for highly reflective materials such as copper

• Processing of individual parts or of punched strips with high cycle times


Weldomat laser welding sliding contacts LSZ-15124L