Upcoming Events:

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the various restrictions, we have not planned any participation in trade fairs / exhibitions until further notice.

We will inform you about future participations in fairs / exhibitions as soon as possible.

Past events:

Together with our cooperation partner K&S Anlagenbau GmbH, we have participated at our joint booth at the following trade fairs / exhibitions, among others:

Motek 2019 / DE-Stuttgart

Motek Stuttgart 2019



• Successful trade fair with many interesting and new contacts.


• Presentation of the novelty "KSTrak" from K&S Anlagenbau GmbH with freely programmable circulating workpiece carriers


• Generally positive feedback on the wide range of equipment as well as the different industries in which our production equipment is used

Motek 2019



• Generally great interest in punching-bending-assembling-welding systems with radial or linear component transport systems




Motek 2018 / DE-Stuttgart

Motek 2018



• First trade fair with the new booth design


• Successful trade fair with many interesting and new contacts


• Generally positive feedback on the cooperation between Weldomat GmbH and K&S Anlagenbau GmbH.


Motek Stuttgart 2018



• Great interest in the implementation of "Industry 4.0" in punching-bending-welding lines for the production of contact elements


• Great interest in the feeding technology "3S" (Safe - Gentle - Controllable) from K&S Anlagenbau GmbH