Revisions and Rebuilds


Often the mechanics of old welding machines are still in a good condition due to the good maintenance at the customer, but the first problems / failures appear because the outdated machine controls start to "stutter". In many cases, the problem is that old control components are no longer available and the machine is therefore at a standstill.

In such cases an overhaul of an old welding machine can be worthwhile and therefore we also offer you partial or total overhauls, according to your needs.

In a total overhaul, we replace, among other things, the drives, the PLC machine control including HMI and wiring, pneumatic components, all bearings, guides, seals, etc. and integrate the necessary safety equipment.

Thanks to a total overhaul, the machine will also be CE certified and we can guarantee the usual warranty for all new components.

In the following we show you a total overhaul of a contact welding machine type CVB 11/2/6 from 1988 in three steps:


  • • contactor / relay control
  • • Welding control via potentiometer
  • • Missing safety devices


  • • Completely disassembled, cleaned and repainted.
  • • Replacement of all bearings, seals, guides, valves, hoses, etc.



  • • New PLC incl. HMI and complete wiring.
  • • New welding current control
  • • New safety devices


In the case of conversions, usually only defective components on newer systems, such as a drive, are replaced or converted.

Conversions can also be necessary, for example, if the machine is converted to a new application and new tools etc. are required, or if a vision system is subsequently required for quality monitoring.