Micro-plasma welding

Economical and efficient:

Facts and benefits:

• Welding together wires with or without varnish, profiles, foils, etc. made of different materials

• Arc welding (non-contact) with tungsten electrodes under supply of protection gas

• Application for spot or seam welding applications

• Precise welding current and welding time control

• High stability of the arc column and high reproducibility of the welding in automatic mode

Customized and quality optimized:

Facts and benefits:

• Flexible systems, e.g. with linear transfer systems with easily and quickly exchangeable workpiece carriers

• Practical partitioning of manual and automatic processes

• Customized solutions from autonomous stations, semi- or fully-automatic lines to complete production lines including punching, bending, thread forming, QA and packaging

• Ideal for small, medium or large batch sizes

• Optical quality control by means of industrial image processing

Reliable and flexible:

Facts and benefits:

• Use of filler materials in wire or profile form - also as "protective shield" for very thin components

• Precise and programmable wire feeds

• Simple and efficient welding process if, for example, a joining partner is provided with enameled wire

• Various micro-plasma welding units from 0.3 A welding current and welding torches depending on the application