CONTACTOMAT CN - Endless seam welding

Resistance Seam Welding

Economical and efficient:

Roll Seam Welder

Facts and benefits:

• Endless welding of different contact cross-sections, i.e. round wires or profiles (solid, bi-metal or tri-metal, etc.) onto carrier tapes

• Processing of in-lay (sunk into the carrier strip) or to-play strips (onto the carrier strip)

• Fully or overlapping welded surfaces depending on welding parameters and requirements

• Adjustable welding speeds

• Simple, reliable and efficient machine and system controls


Operator and service friendly:

Resistance Welding Wheels

Facts and benefits:

• Processing of round wires and profile heights from 0.10 mm and profile widths from 0.50 mm

• Processing of carrier strip thicknesses from 0.08 mm and carrier strip widths from 0.50 mm

• Precise positioning and welding of round wires and profiles onto the carrier strips

• Welding pressure continuously adjustable

• Water-cooled welding units, electrode rollers and strip guides reduce heating or expansion of the strips

• Cleaning stations for electrode wheels

Reliable and flexible:

Roll Seam Welding

Facts and benefits:

• Applicable for 1-, 2- or 3-lane contact strips

• Contact strips can be welded from below and/or from above

• Production of bi- or tri-metal profiles

• Different contact shapes and cross sections possible thanks to integrated profiling tool

• High flexibility, good accessibility and short changeover times

Customer-specific and quality-optimized:

Seam Welding Head

Facts and benefits:

• Welding of several strips or sheets possible

• Welding of grids / mesh onto strips or profiles / frames possible

• Modern welding current controls (e.g. Inverter, AC or DC, etc.) incl. monitoring of welding parameters and automatic marking of defective parts

• Various types and sizes of welding units depending on the application