CONTACTOMAT CH - with horizontal wire or tape feeding

Horizontal Contact Feeding

Economical and efficient:

CH3 Contact strips

Facts and benefits:

• Processing of different contact cross-sections, i.e. round wires or profiles (solid, bi-metal, tri-metal, etc.).

• Short and easy changeover of wire and profile feeders to other contact wires or profiles

• Scrap-free cutting of the contacts in the carbide tool with long service life

• Simple, manually or automatically adjustable contact lengths - even during operation

• Customized solutions from autonomous stations, semi- or fully-automatic systems to complete production lines including punching, bending, thread forming, QA and separation of contact parts

• Simple, reliable and efficient machine and system controls

Operator and service friendly:

CH3 Coining Station

Facts and benefits:

  • • NC or cam-controlled, high-precision strip feeders, i.e. freely programmable contact distances within a contact module

• Strip positioning directly before and after the welding position results in high positioning accuracy of the welded contacts

  • • Simple and short changeover times of the strip feeders thanks to pre-installed strip guide modules

  • • Water-cooled welding units and strip guides reduce heating or expansion of the strips

  • • Embossing / marking stations possible depending on application

  • • Alignment of contacts to carrier strip between 0° (in strip direction) and 90° (cross to strip direction)

  • • Good accessibility, easy to operate and service

  • • Resistance welding or resistance brazing

Reliable and flexible:

Switching Contacts Double Sided

Facts and benefits:

• Welding of contacts from above and/or from below to the strip

• Proven and operationally reliable components or systems

• Modern welding current control systems (e.g. Inverter, AC or DC etc.) incl. monitoring of welding parameters and automatic marking of defective parts

• Autonomous contact welding stations - also for integration into third-party systems

• High cycle rates depending on application

• Up to four welding units can be used per machine

Customer-specific and quality-optimized:

CH4 Contacts

Facts and benefits:

• Processing of contact heights from 0.12 mm and contact widths from 0.20 mm

• Processing of strip thicknesses from 0.07 mm and strip widths from 3.00 mm

• Cam-controlled and always synchronous production sequences

• Upper and/or lower electrode holders with precise linear guides with long service life

• Adjustable position of the upper electrode holder guarantees a plane-parallel and therefore a full-surface welding of the contacts.

• Various types and sizes of welding units depending on the application


CH4 Contact Strips

Facts and benefits:

• Resistance or laser welding

• Processing of already over-molded or bent strips

• Reduction of contact and strip waste thanks to automated "aging" of new electrodes

• Low heating of components thanks to short welding times and water-cooled electrode holders and electrodes


Multitrak Contact Welding

Facts and benefits:

• Welding of up to four static contact positions transverse or longitudinal to the strip direction

• Welding of freely programmable contact positions transverse and longitudinal to the strip direction

• Feasibility tests of new material combinations in our own welding laboratory

Weldomat Contact welding horizontal CH4-14-33M

Weldomat Contact welding horizontal CH4-25-33M-KSL