CONTACTOMAT CA - Resistance brazing

Brazed Contacts

Economical and efficient:

Resistance Contact Brazing

Facts and benefits:

• Processing of contact plates (bulk, fully automatic) or endless contact profiles

• Processing of individual carrier parts (bulk material, fully automatic) or pre-punched carrier strips

• Processing of contact plates or profiles with or without solder on the joining side

• Automatic feeding of brazing alloy between contacts and carrier parts

• Customized solutions from autonomous, semi- or fully-automatic systems to complete production lines including punching, bending, thread forming, QA and separation of contact parts

• Simple, reliable and efficient machine and system controls

Operator and service friendly:

Rotating Wheel Electrode

Facts and benefits:

• NC or cam-controlled, high-precision strip feeders, i.e. freely programmable contact distances within a contact module

• Strip positioning directly before and after the brazing / welding position results in high positioning accuracy of the brazed / welded contacts

  • • Simple and short changeover times of the strip feeds thanks to pre-installed strip guide modules

  • • Water-cooled brazing / welding units and strip guides reduce heating or expansion of strips

  • • Water-cooled electrode holders, electrodes or rotatable, preset electrode wheels with optional electrode cleaning

  • • Embossing, testing and marking stations depending on the application

Reliable and flexible:

Fully Automatic Contact Brazing Machine

Facts and benefits:

• Proven and operationally reliable components or systems.

• Modern welding current controls (e.g. Inverter, AC or DC etc.) incl. monitoring of brazing / welding parameters and automatic marking / ejection of defective parts

• Flexible systems with NC rotary tables with easily and quickly exchangeable workpiece carriers with up to four different carrier parts

• Multiple contacts per contact part possible

• Ideal for small, medium or large batch sizes

Customized and quality optimized:

Single Contact Feeding

Facts and benefits:

• Large-area metallic connection

• Processing of contact areas up to approx. 125 mm2

• Adjustable position of the upper electrode holder always guarantees a plane-parallel support of the contacts to the carriers and therefore a full-surface brazing / welding

• Short brazing times and localized heating zones

• Brazing / welding units with servo, pneumatic or cam drives

• Various types and sizes of brazing / welding units depending on the application

Weldomat Contact brazing CA8-12-250M