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   CH - with horizontal
   wire feed
   CV - with vertical wire
   CN - continuous seam
   welding for contact
   CA - adaptable multi-
   purpose machine for
   brazing or welding
  Spot welding
  Projection welding
  Wire welding
  Laser spot and
  Laser seam welding
  Plasma welding
  Induction (HF) brazing



All Weldomat equipment is designed for
a long lifetime, high precision, high reliability and safe operation. Ease of maintenance is a key operational factor and good accessibility is designed in.

Weldomat automated welding equipment for small to medium parts are available as:

  • Dedicated models
  • Bench models
  • Adaptable models
  • Modular automated welding and assembly lines

Dedicated machines are suited to both high-volume production runs where the part is completed in multiple stages and to job shop small volume runs with fast changeover. A dedicated machine is easily integrated into the production process.

Adaptable models are suited to lower-volume runs where the changeover time is a critical cost factor. The higher initial cost of an adaptable model is offset by the ability to change runs in a matter of minutes.

Modular automated welding/assembly lines are suited to the manufacturer with a requirement to carry out several steps efficiently to consistently high quality.

The Weldomat modular approach


Weldomat’s modular approach ensures high quality but keeps the cost of special equipment in check. There is a range of parts feeds, sensors, welding/brazing heads and other treatment stages to make the most complex part.

Sensing devices

A range of sensing devices assures the quality of the part being manufactured. The choice of sensors used is dependent on the type of the part. The following sensing and control devices are routinely incorporated into our machine types.

Vision system
Optical presence detector
Mechanical presence detector
Infrared imaging thermometry
Electrical resistance measurement
Height measurement
Part sorter for non-conform parts


Welding controller

In addition, the welding controller monitors current profile, weld pressure, displacement and welding time to ensure a perfect weld each time, every time.


Parts feeding

According to the application, the following part feed types are available
Manual part feeding
Bowl feeders
Pick and place units
NC-controlled turntables
NC-controlled strip feeders
NC-controlled XYZ handling pallet
Custom type, to your specification


Process Stages

According to the application, the following stage types are available
Laser welding
Plasma arc welding
Resistance welding

  • Resistance Brazing
  • Spot welding
  • Projection welding
  • Seam welding

Wire welding

Straightening unit
Coil winding unit
Spinning coining unit
Cutting unit
Final punch/bending


Electrical requirements

All Weldomat machines require only one electrical power connection 400V 3-Phase 50-60 Hz. We can supply power conversion suited to your local requirements.


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