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   CH - with horizontal
   wire feed
   CV - with vertical wire
   CN - continuous seam
   welding for contact
   CA - adaptable multi-
   purpose machine for
   brazing or welding
  Spot welding
  Projection welding
  Wire welding
  Laser spot and
  Laser seam welding
  Plasma welding
  Induction (HF) brazing

CN – continuous seam welding for contact strips

Samples produced on CN machine

Technical Characteristics System CN (continuous tape)

  • For lnlay- and Toplay tapes
  • Excellent weld quality throughout the whole welding-area
  • Welding speed up to 4,5 m/min
  • For round or flat solid wire or bimetal
  • Suitable also for plated contact-tape
  • Various contact forms possible by cold-rolling
  • Low-friction turning of the welding wheels
  • Fine tuning of the electrode force
  • 1, 2 or 3 tapes per strip can be welded simultaneously
  • AC-or DC-technique
  • Easy access to all vital parts
  • Short change-over time
  • Easy to operate and to maintain
  • Easy to integrate in production line

Contact Characteristics

  • Contact range
  • Round wire 0.15 mm – 2.50 mm
  • Profile height from 0.08 mm – 2.0 mm


CN2 machine

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