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   CH - with horizontal
   wire feed
   CV - with vertical wire
   CN - continuous seam
   welding for contact
   CA - adaptable multi-
   purpose machine for
   brazing or welding
  Spot welding
  Projection welding
  Wire welding
  Laser spot and
  Laser seam welding
  Plasma welding
  Induction (HF) brazing

CA – adaptable multipurpose machine for brazing or welding contacts


Contacts, which are to be manufactured from materials that cannot be welded, or parts which are too large for resistance welding can be brazed.

  samples produced on CA machine

Technical characteristics System CA

  • Efficient and cost-effective process
  • Large-area metallic joint
  • Short brazing time
  • Small heat affected zone
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Automatic feed and sorting of the contacts
  • Automatic sorting and feeding systems for backings
  • Precise positioning of the contact
  • Clean and non-polluting procedure
  • Suitable to weld button contacts
  • AC- or MF-technique
  • Easy access to all vital parts
  • Short change-over time
  • Easy to operate and to maintain
  • Easy to integrate in production line

Contact Characteristics

  • Contact range
  • Round up to 8.00 mm
  • Rectangular up to 150 mm2
  • Working speed up to 45 contacts/min or 2700 contacts/h
CA machine

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